Our Methods

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Our Methods

So how do we differ from other fish suppliers and why should you buy from us?

We catch and sell our fish direct to the end users missing out the middleman. This ensures our customers get fresher fish of the best quality.

To put it simply unless you catch the fish yourself you cannot get fresher fish than from us here at Portland Sea Bass. Each day with weather tides and fish permitting, We go to sea to catch our fish.

After each fish is individually caught, we bleed it and place it into a mixture of ice and seawater.

This cools the fish to 0 degrees centigrade within 15 minutes; the fish is then removed and kept on wet ice in insulated containers. (This maintains the premium quality of your fish and they arrive with you fresh, just out of the sea.)

When we arrive back in port that day we process our orders and dispatch them for delivery, over night they travel and arrive with you the following morning.

Fresh fish that are line caught in a sustainable manner and scallops that are hand dived to help protect the fragile ecosystem that they come from.


We are always welcome to build new partnerships with restaurants and other caterers alike. To register your interest please fully complete the contact us form and we will call you back a.s.a.p to discuss your individual requirements.

We want to assure you of a premium quality product and to help us do this we individually tag each of our fish to ensure traceability from our hooks to your plate.

This is done in conjunction with the South West Hand-line Fishermans Association and enables you the customer to type the tag number of the fish into the S.W.H.F.A website, which is independent and have some insight into who caught the fish, what we look like, where we fish from and our favourite bait. You can also see the boat and rods that we use.