Portland Sea Bass

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Portland  Sea Bass

As a child I was a keen fisherman, from my Winfield’s ( Woolworth’s ) first fishing kit, through to losing all of my fathers fishing tackle as well as spending all my weekends and entire school holidays fishing with the occasional catch to show for my efforts. They never seemed to go as far as I wanted though.

Whilst stood on the end of the local pier float fishing for mackerel I would see fast Bass boats coming in and out of port with their catch and vowed ( with a friend ) that we would earn our living from fishing for Bass.

After a brief spell in the Royal Navy, a corporate career with McDonalds and some time with British Airways, I finally reached a decision at a bar in Antigua after a mornings fishing, that Bassing was still calling me.

I left British Airways and here I am now, making my living from rod and line fishing. I still have the friend and when we have space, he comes fishing with us.

I love to eat fresh fish and with very little local fish available to the inhabitants of my home town ( even though it is a large fishing port ), decided to start selling direct to them on the streets of my home town as well as wholesale through fish markets.

They were well received, and a similar story came from each of my customers why cant we get really fresh fish in a fishing port. I thought that if people find it hard to get fresh fish in a fishing port then what is everybody else getting elsewhere…


We have expanded and alleviated the problem by cutting out the middle-man and now sell fresh fish direct across the UK.

We still sell via fish auctions, but not before we have offered the best and freshest fish direct to the restaurants and public alike. That is why I can safely say you cant get fresher unless you catch it yourself!